Electricity School

The 2022 Electricity School was held Wednesday, June 8! We lucked out with the weather! Nearly 90 students enjoyed a day of fun, learning about electricity, making extension cords, soda can lamps, etc. 

Join us next year! Electricity School is open to all youth, ages 8-18 (not just 4-H members). Classes will include an introductory game or activity, a safety demonstration, followed by the usual workshops. Please check this page or on our Adams Outlet Facebook page for updates.

Levels must be completed in order. If this is your son/daughter’s first year, please sign up for Level 1. 

There is no charge for the event but students must pre-register by completing an application and health form to be eligible. 

If you’d like to add your son, daughter or grandchild’s name to a future mailing list, contact the Communications Department or call (800) 232-4797.

Electricity school is sponsored by Adams Electric Cooperative, Ameren, and University of Illinois Extension.

First Year Project

Extension Cord

2nd Year Project

Soda Can Lamp

3rd Year Project

Circuits & Switches

4th Year Project

Wind Turbine Tour

5th Year Project

GIS Mapping System