How Power Is Restored

First, we look at public safety. We send our crews to remove power lines from roadways before anything else.

If you see our line trucks pass by your home and you’re out of power, please know our crews are working to restore your power in chronological order. Think of power restoration like the parts of a tree: if the root system is dead, the rest of the tree won’t have life. The same is true for power restoration. If the substation is out, no one has power and this must be repaired first.

If your neighbor’s lights come on while yours remain out after the tap line is repaired, it could mean there is still damage to your individual line and you should call Adams Electric at 800-232-4797 to report the problem. There could also be damage on your side of the meter which must be repaired by an electrician. Learn more about the service point.

Please be assured that we’re doing everything in our power to restore your power. If needed, we’ll call in additional help from local contractors and neighboring electric cooperatives to restore power as quickly as possible.

Major Storms

During minor outages, power is usually restored within an hour or two with minor inconvenience to our members.

But when major storms cause widespread damage, extended outages can occur. Line crews work long, hard hours restoring service, but it’s a task that needs to be handled methodically to be done safely.

Priority goes to the lines that will get the most people back in service the quickest. This usually begins with main lines and continues out to tap lines and then to individual service lines.

Exceptions are made for members and businesses that rely on life-supporting medical equipment. Notify us immediately if someone in your household uses such equipment. We encourage you to install a standby generator.

We have operational procedures in place to organize the restoration process, as well as communication procedures to relay updates to local radio stations, television stations, our website and our Facebook page under Adams Outlet.