Outage Center

Do you see a downed power line or an electrical hazard? Please stay back and report it immediately to (800) 232-4797 or (217) 593-7701.

Report An Outage


Please note:
After clicking the link, you will be directed to our outage map. You’ll find the “Report Outage” link in the upper right corner. Please include your account number when reporting your outage online.


Be prepared to give your name and map location number, which can be found at the top right corner of your electric statement.

*You shouldn’t receive a busy signal. If this occurs, it may be related to the telephone carrier. If you called our local number, try our toll-free number.

Member Link App

Download our app to report outages, view outage maps, make secure payments, track usage and billing history. You can also set up alerts, due date reminders, payment confirmations, and receive notifications all with your smart phone or tablet.

Outage Resources

Emergency Outage Tips & Storm Preparedness

Prepare an emergency kit before the storm.

Surge Protection

Lightning strikes and surges can damage or destroy your equipment.

Generator Safety

Caution is urged when using back-up generators.

How Power Is Restored

With safety first, line crews work to pinpoint problems.

Service Point

If you have wiring damaged close to your house, it may be wiring on your side of the service point. The Cooperative can only fix what belongs to the Cooperative; that is, everything before the service point. An electrician must be called upon to fix everything on the member side of the service point. For a definition of service point, see below: