Blue Ribbon Vegetable Casserole


Blue Ribbon Vegetable Casserole

Submitted by Myron Kuhn


  • 1 lg. pkg. 12-16 oz. frozen mixed vegetables (corn, carrots, green beans, and peas)
  • 1 can cream of mushroom soup
  • 1/2 stick butter cut in pieces
  • 1 lb. Velveeta cheese cubed or sliced
  • 2-3 slices bread buttered and cubed


  • Boil vegetables and drain well. Mix soup and vegetables, spread evenly in 8x8 greased baking dish. Add butter slices, evenly distributed. Cover with slices or cubes of Velveeta cheese. Top with bread, as desired. Bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes or until cheese starts to turn golden brown. Note: Bacon lovers can mix in 5-6 strips of cooked bacon with vegetables and soup.


Our mom, Barb Kuhn, was an excellent and dedicated cook. She took pride and joy in cooking, preparing a meal and watching the dinner table fill up with eager eaters. Blue Ribbon Vegetable Casserole was a family favorite of all time. With dad, eight children (6 hungry boys and 2 girls) and some guests, mom usually made 2-3 dishes of the casserole. Sometimes dinner guests wondered why the kids went to the vegetable casserole first, over turkey or ham. Well, everybody knew there was not a chance any vegetable casserole would be left over. the guests usually left the house with the recipe. ~ Myron Kuhn