68 Students Attended Electricity School

On Wednesday, June 5, a total of 68 students learned about electricity and electrical safety. The free event, held at Bailey Park, was sponsored by Adams Electric Cooperative, University of Illinois Extension, and Gem City Electric. Students, ages 8-18 participated in Scrabble game, watched a bucket truck safety demonstration, and five workshops based on experience levels.

Beginners learned the basics of electricity and were able to make an extension cord to take home. Second year students used a soda can to make their own solar car. Third year students, in the circuits and switches class, were taught the basics of house wiring. Fourth year students toured the Pigeon Creek Wind Turbine in Payson. Fifth year students learned about the Cooperative’s mapping system and how it’s used to track outages. They also discussed the Co-op’s electric car.

“Electricity School is a unique opportunity for area students to learn about electricity. Although many of our students are 4-Hers, that’s definitely not a requirement. Kids come from all over to attend this free event,” said Laura Bergman, Manager of Communications, from Adams Electric Cooperative.

Instructors were: Julia Barry, Laura Bergman, Joyce Bockhold, Brennan Caspermeyer, Elijah Genenbacher, Kara Hugenberg, Duane Jones, Katie Kindhart, Kristi Kirlin, Brad Koenig, Alex Mossman, Brinkley Mueller, Mike Ohnemus, Adam Uppinghouse, Brad Smith, Bill Stalder, and Katina Sunde of Adams Electric Cooperative; Siera Duesterhaus, Abbie Johnson, Shelby Crow, Madeline Davis, Kristin Huls, Brian Schullian, and Kinsey Tiemann of University of Illinois Extension; and volunteers Bill Jaynes and Malina Sunde.

For more information on Electricity School, contact Laura Bergman at (217) 509-7761 or visit Adams Electric’s website at: adamselectric.coop.



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