88 Students Attend Electricity School

Every year, Adams Electric Cooperative, AmerenCIPS and University of Illinois Extension join forces to teach local students about electricity. They not only learn how it works and how to use it safely, but also how to use it efficiently. This year’s event was held June 6 at Bailey Park in Camp Point.

Although the event was originally intended to specifically help 4-H members prepare for the fair, today, attendees are both 4-H members and non-members. Some students’ parents are members of the Co-op while others are customers of AmerenCIPS. Any student, age 8-18, within traveling distance is welcome to attend.

This year’s school consisted of an energy use game, a Power Town safety demonstration, and five workshops.

During the Energy Use game, every student was given a dime. Students were asked questions and chose the answer that would save the most energy. When students chose an incorrect answer, they paid the piggy bank, representing their charge for extra energy use. Dimes were collected as students were eliminated from the competition. The winner, Harley Street, answered every question correctly. Harley received the piggy bank full of dimes as his prize for saving the most energy. Harley is the son of Kraig Street, Forester for Adams Electric.

Next, students watched a Power Town safety demonstration. The Power Town model was used to illustrate several hazardous situations. Then students were taught how to handle each situation safely.

After the safety demonstration, students were divided into five groups based on their skill level and previous attendance.

First year students made their own extension cords. Beginners learned the basics of electricity and were able to take their cords home.

Second year students picked their favorite soda can and learned how to make their very own lamp.

Third year students learned the basics of house wiring in the circuits and switches class.

Fourth year students toured a substation and the Pigeon Creek Wind Turbine.

The final class allowed students to see how the cooperative uses its mapping system to locate members, maintain equipment and restore power during outages.

Instructors this year were: Tafi Walker and Christina Hugenberg of AmerenCIPS; Christine Morey, Sharon Knorr, Sheri Merry, Whitney Harris, Jamie Ellerbrock and Siera Thompson of University of Illinois Extension; Larry Long, Deb Rhea, Peggy Koetters, Mike Olson, Kraig Street, Kevin Knight, Randy Rigg, Bill Stalder, Tim Brecht and Joyce Bockhold of Adams Electric Cooperative; Carolyn Roberts, a parent; and, Dakota Cantrell, a 4-H Federation member.

For questions about Electricity School or to be added to the mailing list for next year’s event, contact Laura Dotson at Adams Electric Cooperative at (800) 232-4797 or Christine Morey at University of Illinois Extension at (217) 223-8380. More information can also be found on Adams Electric’s website at: adamselectric.coop or University of Illinois Extension’s website at: http://web.extension.illinois.edu/abhps/.

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