Advisory Committee

The Co-op has a member advisory committee that meets four times per year. The committee consists of 18 member/couples, two member/couples from each director’s district, who serve alternating two-year terms. The advisory committee discusses Cooperative operations, acts as a sounding board for various Co-op programs and assists with the annual meeting by providing election tellers.

Advisory Committee Members are selected by your Board of Directors. If you are interested in being considered to serve on the Advisory Committee, let us know.

Current Advisory Committee Members

Frederick & Geri Ringenberg
David & Kym Simpson
Spencer & Dawn Trautvetter
Todd & Sharon Knorr
Jonathan & Lucretia Howell
Greg & Dana Haxel
Randy & Debra Dewitt
Rick & Mary Reich
Lyle & Janet Gabbert
Brent & Sarah Kearby
David & Carmel Akins
Tobi & Rhonda Brinks-Long
Todd & Denise Friye
Steve & Dolores Haschemeyer
Mark & Sandy Roberts
John & Roxie Oliver
Thomas & Sandra Robbins
Ian & Andrea Foss

Nine new members/couples
are selected in January.