Adams Electric Cooperative Represented at Key Meetings

The Cooperative is based on maintaining effective relationships with members and meeting their needs while handling the critical issues that face the electric industry. Part of Adams Electric’s success comes from education. Directors and staff must stay informed on legislation, environmental concerns, future power supply, advancing technology, etc.

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association’s (NRECA) 2012 Annual Meeting allows professionals to expand their abilities as a leader and learn more about today’s issues. General Manager Jim Thompson and Directors Becky Barlow, John Kestner and Bob Willis represented Adams Electric by taking part in NRECA’s 70th Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting sets the course for electric cooperatives for the year ahead as member cooperatives vote on resolutions during the business meeting.

Board President Jim Benz and Director George Schneider attended the 2012 CoBank Central Customer Meeting to learn what key trends are shaping the U.S. and global economies.

In addition, Board President Jim Benz along with Directors John Kestner and Lyle Waner attended “Rate Strategies for the 21st Century” which focused on current rate methodologies and how they affect rising power costs. Attendees discussed the current focus on energy efficiency and conservation, long-range revenue requirements and achieving fairness for multiple rate classes. The course was offered through the Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives. Directors received continuing education credits for their participation.

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