Adams Electric Cooperative Sends Crews to Help Repair Storm Damage

McDonough Power Cooperative and Corn Belt Energy were hit by ice and wind damage on Sunday night into early Monday morning. The weather caused numerous outages in both territories. When sister cooperatives are hit hard by storms, the emergency work plan is activated and cooperatives join forces to fix the damage.

Adams Electric Cooperative sent two crews to assist other Illinois Cooperatives. One crew left Monday headed to Princeton, Illinois to help Corn Belt Energy in their northern territory. Another crew left today (Tuesday) for Macomb to respond to McDonough Power Cooperative’s need for assistance.

“We anticipate the crews will spend the rest of today and possibly tomorrow helping restore power,” says Jim Thompson, Adams Electric General Manager.

Thompson adds, “Storm damage from an ice storm is often described as looking like a war zone. We received help from other cooperatives during the storm in July that hit our service territory. It is time for us to reciprocate and send help to restore service to their members. It is always better to send help than to need to receive it. We could have ice storms this winter and be asking for a return favor.”

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