Adams Electric Sponsors Live Line Demo, Inc.

Adams Electric Cooperative sponsored electrical safety demonstrations on April 3 & 4 for area students. The presentations, called Live Line Demo, Inc. were held at Quincy Senior High School and Central High School. The programs were presented by Steve Hancock, who is a trained lineman and works for Corn Belt Energy Cooperative in Bloomington, Illinois. The Live Line Demo captivates audiences and sends participants away with a much greater respect for electricity and the dangers associated with it.

Hancock warned audiences that if they are ever in an accident involving a power pole, they should assume electrical lines are still hot. The proper action is to STAY INSIDE THE VEHICLE until the power company can de-energize the line. Stepping out of the car would create a path to ground and could kill a person instantly. The only exception would be if the vehicle was on fire. In that case, the proper action is to jump – not step – with both feet together away from the vehicle, making sure you are NOT touching the vehicle with any part of your body when you land. Because electricity dissipates and the ground may be energized, you should hop with both feet together as you leave the area.

Hancock discussed the importance of installing ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) for all receptacles used in the bathroom, kitchen, and outdoors (all places near water). He also reminded participants that rope and wood can conduct electricity if the conditions are right.

The Live Line Demo presentation has saved lives. Adams Electric Cooperative is pleased to sponsor the Live Line Demo program and tries to bring it to the area at least once a year. For more information, contact Bill Stalder at Adams Electric Cooperative at (800) 232-4797.

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