Annual Meeting Held

CAMP POINT – Bailey Park was filled with members of Adams Electric Cooperative for its 78th Annual Meeting of Members on Wednesday, Sept. 6. Members enjoyed a pork chop dinner, a vendor show and activities for kids.

During the meeting, Adams Electric Board President Lyle Waner discussed the legacy of the cooperative’s first general manager. “The Cooperative’s success is due to the efforts of numerous dedicated employees over the past 78 years,” Waner began. “If one person had more influence, set the spirit, and impacted the members and the direction of Adams Electric, it would be the late Dean Searls.”

Earlier this year, Searls was inducted into the Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce’s Business Hall of Fame. A video created by the Chamber was shown during the meeting to commemorate Searls.

“Dean was not only dedicated to his career, but to the members we serve, to his family, his community, and even left his mark on other parts of the world,” Waner said. “He showed the determination to make a difference.”

General Manager Jim Thompson also gave tribute to Searls when he addressed the crowd. “A lot of what we are today is because of his efforts,” Thompson said.

Thompson then went on to provide the members an update on Adams Electric by providing a “quiz” to test their knowledge about their cooperative. Members received a 100 percent with some heavy-handed help from the cooperative employees.

Treasurer Bob Willis shared 2016 financial reports with members. The total revenue for the year increased by $149,000 to $21.9 million and energy usage increased by 2.5 million kilowatt-hours, for an overall increase of 1.5 percent over 2015. Willis said, “Weather and temperatures are the primary factor affecting our member’s heating and cooling energy usage.”

Ongoing investments to cover new services and replacement of distribution equipment for 2016 amounted to $167,000. In 2016, the cooperative returned more than $482,000 of capital credits to members.

During the meeting, it was announced that the Penny Power Grant program awarded 17 grants in July totaling $8,279. A check for $850 was presented to Mendon Mayor Dean Woodruff who accepted the check on behalf of the Village of Mendon Veterans Memorial Committee. To date, the Penny Power Program has awarded grants totaling $414,403.31.

Adams Electric Cooperative values youth and participates in Youth Day in Springfield and the Youth to Washington statewide programs each year. During Youth Day, two students were selected to represent the cooperative in Washington, D.C. This year’s winners were Cassadi Forman, daughter of Chad and Sandi Forman of Industry, and Grace Tenhouse, daughter of Boyd and Krista Tenhouse of Liberty. During the meeting, the two students were recognized.

It was announced that Allison Esselman received a $2,000 Thomas H. Moore IEC Memorial Scholarship. Esselman was one of nine chosen from 242 students competing for the scholarships. She graduated from Liberty High School and is attending Truman State University majoring in chemistry. She plans to continue her education to earn a master’s degree or PhD in chemistry. Esselman wants to work in research and drug development.

During the meeting, members re-elected Kris Farwell of Plymouth, District 5 to the board of directors. Members also elected two new directors to the board, James Ward of Mt. Sterling, District 4 and Tom Travis of Payson, District 6. Bob Willis of District 4 and John Kestner of District 6 retired from the board and were recognized for their 21 years of service.

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