Brown County Wind Turbine Renamed in Honor of the late Randy D. Rigg

On Friday, October 20, 2017, Adams Electric Cooperative renamed the Brown County Wind Turbine in honor of the late Randy D. Rigg, a former Lead Technician.

Randy Rigg worked at Adams Electric Cooperative for 27 years and passed away on April 3, 2017. During his career, the Cooperative installed two wind turbines, one south of the airport called the Pigeon Creek Wind Turbine and the one in Mt. Sterling, Randy’s hometown, formerly called the Brown County Wind Turbine. Randy played a major role in the construction and maintenance of both wind turbines, putting his heart and soul into both projects.

There is a sense of family at the Cooperative. General Manager Jim Thompson explained, “Our sense of family runs deeper here due to our small size and the fact that we are dependent on each other 24 hours per day 365 days per year. This creates an interdependency amongst the employees. Randy understood the commitment and was always there for us at any time. He always put others before himself.”

On Friday afternoon, employees, directors, Randy’s family and special guests met at the wind turbine for a special dedication ceremony. Thompson spoke at the ceremony, saying “When we lose someone from our family, we want to make sure their legacy continues and is remembered. That their commitment to a greater good is not lost. Let the wind turbine be a symbol of a life well lived.”

Randy’s grandchildren unveiled a memorial which stands at the bottom of the wind turbine with the new name, the Randy D. Rigg Memorial Wind Turbine.

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