Penny Power

In this innovative program, your bill will be rounded up to the nearest dollar each month. The “small change” (an average of 50 cents per month) is then earmarked for community betterment groups and other local organizations.

Looking for funding? Penny Power grants are awarded quarterly. Deadlines are the first Mondays in January, April, July and October.

For more information, contact our Marketing Department or call us at (800) 232-4797.

We are grateful to our membership for approving the program at our 2004 Annual Meeting and appreciate your support. Every Member is automatically included in the program. Members may “opt out” at any time. 

If you are NOT interested in participating in the program, please click here to opt out or call us at (800) 232-4797. If you opted out of the program but would like to participate again, click here to opt back in.

The Adams Outlet (our monthly member newsletter) will continue to keep you updated on the distribution of Penny Power Funds.