Keeping our employees, members, families and the public safe is our number one priority. It has to be in this industry. Electricity is a wonderful thing but only when it is used properly. It is easy to take electricity for granted and forget how dangerous it can be when you can’t see it, hear it or feel it. That is why we offer many resources to educate you and your family on living and working around electricity. Click on the links to the right to learn more.

Every year, we bring the Live Line Demo to local schools to educate young drivers on how to handle accidents involving electric lines. School participation is based on a three year rotation. Interested in watching Live Line Demo yourself? We’d be happy to invite you to the next demonstration in your area open to the public. Let us know.

Not finding the information you’re looking for? We have a wide range of materials available at our office. We’d be happy to answer your questions. Contact our Communications Department for additional materials or for answers to your questions not listed on our website.

You may also find additional materials by visiting Safe Electricity is a joint effort by the members of the Illinois Electric Council to increase electric safety awareness.