Consolidation Study Ends – November 2012

(Publication: December Adams Outlet)

by Jim Thompson PE General Manager
Part of AEC’s strategic plan is to look at opportunities to grow the Cooperative. We feel growing the Cooperative would be in the best interest of the membership over the long run. Unfortunately, Western Illinois Electrical Coop (WIEC) board of directors did not share the same vision. WIEC informed our board that they want to discontinue consolidation talks and “stay a small cooperative with local control”.  
    Adams Electric’s board was 100 percent behind the consolidation and felt that growing the Cooperative through a consolidation was in the best interest of the members. From an analytical standpoint, the consolidation looked very favorable.
    Adams’ employees were also excited about the opportunity and looked forward to developing a relationship with WIEC employees.  Throughout the process, the board and employees have been excellent and have worked steadfastly to begin moving the two organizations together.
    Our members were also supportive of the effort. The advisory committee was behind the consolidation and provided us good feedback on the best ways to communicate with the membership. After the Annual Meeting, Adams surveyed its membership to gauge support and gain valuable feedback from the membership. Based on the survey, most members were in favor of consolidation. We had a large group of members undecided and only four responded against consolidation.
    All of us at the Cooperative are disappointed with the outcome of the consolidation effort.
    Adams will continue to look at opportunities as they come forward.  Thanks, all of you, for your support in this effort.