FAQ Account Set Up

1.       There is more than one Adams Electric! This website is for members of Adams Electric Cooperative in Illinois. If your property on Adams Electric is not in Illinois, you may be looking for the Adams Electric in Pennsylvania, Ohio, or Wisconsin.

If your property is in Pennsylvania, you are looking for Adams Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Please visit www.adamsec.coop

If your property is in Ohio, you are looking for Adams Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Please visit: www.adamsrec.com

If your property is in Wisconsin, you are looking for Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative.
Please visit: www.acecwi.com

We are not affiliated with the other three Adams Electric cooperatives.

2.       Setting up a new account

First, select “My Account” from the main home page (far left tab). This will take you to the Member Service Portal where you have several options.

To set up a new account, mouse over “My Account” and select “Account Profile”.

Beneath the login, select “New User”, then “Continue”.

At the bottom of the screen, enter your account number (digits only). This number can be found on your electric bill in the upper right corner.

Next, enter the last four digits of your telephone number on file. If we do not have your current phone number on record, you will need to contact us to update your phone number before you can set up your account. You can reach us at (800) 232-4797 any time of day.

3.    Are you using an older version of a web browser? An older browser may not be equipped to protect sensitive information, such as credit cards and personal data. It is best to upgrade your browser to the newest version.