Security Lights

The Cooperative rents 100-watt and 250-watt high-pressure sodium vapor outdoor lights. The dusk-to-dawn lighting is controlled by a photoelectric cell. Rental security lights can be installed on the transformer or meter pole. Security lights installed on the member’s side of the meter are also available.

While there are a number of other options available, the most common security lights are:

Standard Fixtures

100W HPS – $7.50/mo. (Non-metered light – Electricity is included.)
250W HPS – $19.50/mo. (Non-metered light – Electricity is included.)

100W HPS – $4.50/mo. + electricity (Metered light – Electricity is not included.)
250W HPS – $6.00/mo. + electricity (Metered light – Electricity is not included.)

Decorative Fixtures

100W HPS – $14.00/mo. (Non-metered light – Electricity is included.)

The placement of the light (whether it will be non-metered or metered) will depend on the location of the light. The Cooperative will approve all rental security light(s) locations. The Cooperative shall furnish, install and maintain the above security lights with all replacements, from time to time, but only during regular Cooperative working hours.

For residential pedestal lights, the pole is included in the rental price but the Member is responsible for supplying the electric service (metered or non-metered). There will also be a one time installation fee for this light.

Contracts are for a period of thirty-six (36) months and shall continue thereafter until written notice is given for discontinuance of such service. If the Member requests the security light(s) to be removed before the thirty-six (36) month period is expired, the Member will be billed for the remainder of the thirty-six (36) month period.

For additional information or to obtain a security light contract, contact our Engineering Department or call us at (800) 232-4797.