Surge Protection

Protect your investments. Lightning strikes and surges can damage or destroy your equipment. While lightning is often thought to be the cause of power surges, 80% of temporary power surges originate inside the home by motor driven appliances like refrigerators, blow dryers or vacuum cleaners. They can even be caused by small electronics like printers or coffee makers.

Adams Electric offers a Whole House Surge Protection Unit which is installed on the meter. This unit protects items like your washer, dryer, freezer, and refrigerator. However, it does not include your heating and air-conditioning system.

Point-of-use devices such as power strips can be installed on individual equipment such as your television, VCR, computer system, DVD player, etc. They are widely available and provide good protection from temporary power surges. Your phone, data and cable lines can also carry a voltage surge into your home, so make sure to find power strips with phone, data and cable jacks to protect these electronics.

While power strips are effective at stopping most in-home surges, they can be overwhelmed by surges from lightning. Whole House Surge Protection is recommended to handle severe surges and protect items that are not supported by power strips.

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