Tree Trimming/Spraying

Tree Trimming

Adams Electric maintains an annual tree trimming schedule. If you need assistance in felling trees near electric lines, contact our Engineering Department or call us at (800) 232-4797. There is no charge for assistance where there is a possibility of damage to electric lines.


Adams Electric Cooperative sprays vegetation along our electric lines in order to provide safe and more reliable electric power to you. Spraying is a cost-effective way to control vegetation that may interfere with power lines. It is a good alternative to tree trimming which is expensive to Adams Electric Cooperative and its members. We hire only qualified sprayers who are trained in proper spraying techniques and licensed by the Department of Agriculture.

Spraying will not be done within 50 feet of permanent or seasonal residences. Herbicides will not be sprayed where prohibited by label instructions or within 50 feet of lawns or ornamental plantings.

We appreciate your cooperation with the tree trimming and spraying program. If you have questions, please contact our Engineering Department or call us at (800) 232-4797.

2023 Tree Trimming, Spraying & Pole Inspection Map

2023 Tree Trimming
Adams Electric’s tree trimming contractor will be trimming trees east of the Ursa substation, and in the Burton, and Adams substation areas (the striped area of A, and all of areas I and J ). In addition, we will have some carry-over from 2022 in the St. Anthony (east and north) and Ursa (west) substation areas.

2023 Spraying

Adams Electric’s spray crew and contractors will be working in the Ursa, Big Neck, and St. Anthony substation areas (all of A, B, and H).

2023 Pole Inspection

A contractor for Adams Electric Cooperative will be inspecting poles in the remainder of the Big Neck substation area and the southwest part of the Mt. Sterling substation area (the striped areas of B and L ).

*Areas C, D, E, F, G, K, and M are not scheduled for maintenance in 2023. If vegetation problems should arise in these areas, please contact the Cooperative for assistance.