Our Energy

Wind Turbines

The Cooperative owns two wind turbines: the Pigeon Creek Wind Turbine, south of Quincy Regional Airport and the Randy D. Rigg Memorial Wind Turbine (formerly named the Brown County Wind Turbine), east of Mt. Sterling.

Why Wind?

The Cooperative’s wind turbines will supplement current power supplies and act as a hedge against rising fuel costs. Wind is one of the best renewable energy sources because it produces no pollution, no combustion and no byproduct that would harm the environment. However, wind is not a good, single source of energy because it works only when the wind blows. With the help of financing, adding wind as a portion of our power portfolio makes sense. The wind turbine will help maintain Adams Electric’s power cost and reduce the Cooperative’s amount of electricity generated by other fuels.


Request a Tour

Our staff would be happy to give a tour to your organization or class. To schedule a tour, contact our Marketing Department or call (800) 232-4797.

Where We Get Our Power

When it comes to generating and transmitting power, for the most part, we leave that to the experts at Prairie Power, Inc. (PPI).

PPI is a cooperative like Adams Electric. They are owned by ten electric distribution cooperatives across Illinois. The PPI board of directors is comprised of representatives from the distribution co-ops. Currently, Jim Thompson (your general manager) and Thomas Travis (one of your directors) represent your interests on the PPI board. The experts at PPI generate power and purchase power through contracts with other utilities. They then transmit that power across a vast electrical grid to the substations that serve each of their distribution members.