Notice to E-Bill Members

Those members who receive an e-bill notification will no longer see a link to your bill image in the email. Now, as part of a security feature to protect members from identity theft, you will need to log in to your account if you want to see the actual bill image. You can log in to your account by clicking on “My Account” in the upper left corner on this website.

If you have never logged in, you’ll need to create an account to create a username and password. To do so, click “My Account”, then select the green “Sign In” button. Select “create account”. You’ll need to enter your full account number (such as 123456-001 or 123456001). You’ll need to use the last four digits of your phone number. This must be the last four digits of the phone number we have for you on your account. Then select “Residential” or “Commercial” under the drop down for account type. Complete the personal information and select a username and password.

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