Take Action to Help Electric Co-ops Prevent the Premature Closure of Prairie State

For more than 80 years, electric cooperatives have provided safe, affordable, and reliable electricity to their consumers throughout rural Illinois. And today these 25 not-for-profit electric cooperatives need your help. There is possible legislation being considered in Springfield which could force the premature closure of Prairie State Energy Campus, a 100% cooperative and municipal utility owned power plant in Illinois, putting at risk that very affordable and reliable electricity you’ve come to depend on.

Speak up today to protect your electric cooperative

Illinois Electric Cooperatives oppose the mandated closure of coal-fueled power plants by 2035 that has appeared in recent iterations of Illinois’ comprehensive energy proposal. In 2035, cooperatives will still have $188 million of debt owed on Prairie State Energy Campus. That debt, coupled with the costs of replacement energy and capacity, could result in a 20% – 25% increased costs to our consumer’s utility bills.
Illinois Electric Cooperative members and employees share in the commitment to continue investing in renewables and diversifying our portfolio, and we are voluntarily using renewable resources at a rate that is nearly four times higher than the rest of the state. Prairie State Energy Campus is leading the way forward on carbon-capture technology by partnering with the University of Illinois and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to study ways to reduce carbon emissions and create future job opportunities in Illinois.
Your electric cooperative is committed to keeping energy affordable and reliable while we invest in a cleaner energy future, but we cannot let policy get ahead of technology. Forcing a premature closure will negatively impact the affordability and reliability of electricity in Illinois’ rural areas. And, at the same time, exposing us to an unpredictable wholesale market with potential skyrocketing costs.
Send your message today and Tell Governor Pritzker and your State Legislators that any legislation proposed must provide a delayed effective date to the forced closure of not-for-profit owned power plants.
Voices for Cooperative Power

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