Air-to-Air Heat Pumps

An air-to-air heat pump moves heat. The unit absorbs heat from outdoor air pumping it indoors during the winter. In the summer, it absorbs heat from indoors pumping it outside. When operating in optimal conditions (about 30-65 degrees), a heat pump is extremely efficient. However, when outdoor temperatures become too cold, the heat pump needs to run constantly to produce enough heat to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Therefore, a backup furnace (either electric or gas) is needed to provide
adequate heat.

Providing a constant temperature, an air-to-air heat pump is quite comfortable. The only sound you’ll hear is the fan. An air-to-air heat pump is efficient and can save 30-50% on heating and cooling bills depending on the size of the home. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient your heat pump will be. As with any heating and cooling system, air leaks must be sealed and your home must be properly insulated.

Where do I start?

If you are interested in an air-to-air heat pump, the first thing to do is contact our Marketing Department or call (800) 232-4797. We can provide you with more information on air-to-air heat pump technology and savings.

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