Consolidation Study Update – May 2012

WIEC & AEC Consolidation Study Update
from General Manager Jim Thompson

In March, Western Illinois Electrical Coop. and Adams Electric Cooperative announced plans to study combining the two cooperatives. To date, WIEC and AEC have taken several more steps. WIEC and AEC:
    • Are performing a ten-year financial forecast.
    • Are working together on IDNR permits for spraying.
    • Purchase and share backup transformers together.
    • Jointly sponsored a Doug Rye home energy seminar for members.
    • Jointly participated in a visit to Prairie State Energy Campus.
    • Began a preliminary review of wages and benefits.
    • Will perform WIEC’s engineering certification required by CFC.
Watch for future updates in the Adams Outlet. If you have questions, feel free to contact Jim Thompson at (217) 593-7701.