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There is more than one Adams Electric! This website is for members of Adams Electric Cooperative in Illinois. If your property on Adams Electric is not in Illinois, you may be looking for the Adams Electric in Pennsylvania, Ohio, or Wisconsin.

If your property is in Pennsylvania, you are looking for Adams Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Please visit

If your property is in Ohio, you are looking for Adams Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Please visit:

If your property is in Wisconsin, you are looking for Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative.
Please visit:

We are not affiliated with the other three Adams Electric cooperatives.

To contact us by mail:

Adams Electric Cooperative
P.O. Box 247
Camp Point, Illinois 62320

Phone: (217) 593-7701
Toll Free: (800) 232-4797
Fax: (217) 593-7120

To contact us by email:

General Manager
Jim Thompson PE

Marketing and Member Services
Bill Stalder, Manager of Marketing and Member Services. Rates, rebates, energy audits, Penny Power grants, EnergyWyse loans, and public relations.

Laura Bergman, Manager of Communications.  Adams Outlet, Cooperative’s website and social media, advertising, Electricity School, Youth Tour, and scholarships.

Engineering and Operations
Timothy M. Brecht PE, Manager of Engineering and Operations. New services, easements, and service locations.

Charlie Rossiter, Design & Construction Supervisor. New services and upgrades.

Mike DeWitt, Design & Construction Supervisor. New services and upgrades.

Steve Fanning, Maintenance Supervisor. Tree trimming and spraying.

Financial Services
Steve Jennings, Manager of Finance.  Accounting, accounts payable and accounts receivable, membership records and billing.

Tara Neisen, Billing Supervisor.

Debbie Rhea, Administrative Assistant.  Personnel records, insurance claims, and employee benefits.

Billing Department. Payments, connects and disconnects, collections and budget billing.