New Members

Welcome to Adams Electric Cooperative!  As a new member-owner, here’s a few things you should know:

10 Benefits of Living on Co-op Lines

1. Members own the cooperative.

2. Members receive capital credits. (Revenue collected that is not needed to cover the cost of providing service is set aside and divided among the members in proportion to the amount of electricity used.)

3. Cooperatives were created, first and foremost, to serve the needs of local residents. Co-ops are not in business to make a profit for stockholders.

4. Cooperatives are local. The people who sit on the Cooperative’s board of directors are local folks, who represent you and are elected by you. When you call the Co-op, you’re talking to someone right here at home.

5. Adams Electric Cooperative offers incentive rates and credits for electric heating, cooling, and water heating.

6. Members share the benefits of low rates and reliable service.

7. Members receive the Adams Outlet, a monthly publication with information on Co-op operations, energy efficiency, business development, safety and general interest stories.

8. The Cooperative cares about your safety. Co-op employees can use their radio equipment to notify law enforcement officials of crimes in progress, threatening weather, fires, accidents, and other emergencies. The Co-op also offers electric safety programs for children and the general public.

9. The Cooperative offers security lights, surge protection, energy-saving advice, and budget billing.

10. The Cooperative is involved in the community. Adams Electric works closely with economic development groups and chambers of commerce to retain, expand, and attract business to our local communities.

What it means to be a Member, click here.